We recongnize that no two dogs are alike.  Factors like age, experience, coat condition and groom style requested impact the time it takes to groom a dog,   
Our fee is $60 per hour. Doodles, Ex large and double coated breeds are $75 per hour

All dogs are groomed by appointment and straight through.

Grooming times can very depending on the condition of the coat, technicality of the clip, age of the pet, and temperament. because of this the cost of your pets grooming may vary from time to time. We recommend working with your stylist to find a grooming schedule that works for you and your pet to keep costs consistent. 


Remember that weekends and holidays are exceptionally busy, so booking in advance is ALWAYS recommended!



How much can you expect to pay for pups groom? 

So let's say you have a Yorkshire terrier or toy poodle.

That size dog is typically $60 because it takes an hour for it's bath and haircut.

 Of course nail clipping and ear cleaning are always including with all our grooms. 

And if it takes a bit longer than an hour? Then the fee is increased by 15 minute increments. 

If your pup takes 1 hour and 15 minutes the fee would be $75

Doodles, Extra large and double coated breeds are $75 per hour.


Need your kitty groomed? Please visit our Cat Grooming page.


Additional services that can be added on to your bath or groom as well.

Add on services are priced as below:

Nail grinding - $5

Teeth Brushing - $5

Flea Spa  S) $15  M) $20 L)$25 XL $25

Medicated Spa  S) $15  m) $20  L)$25  XL)$25

Deshedding Spa  S) $15  M) $20  L) $25  XL)$30

All deshed treatments will additional time to the groom

Custom Color - quotes starting at $25 (Will add additional time to groom)